filter products

Water/oil filters, Coalescing filters, carbon filters, bag filters, stringwound filters etc.

heat exchangers

Solutions for the widest range of media, demands and production processes.

thermal imaging

Infrared Imaging and Reporting Services
for BC and Alberta

Filters, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Imaging

Filters, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Imaging for every need!


Serving Gas Plants, Refineries, Dehydration Plants and Facilities all over Canada

Peace country filtration specializes in natural gas processing
                    filtration separation and mass transfer applications

Peace country filtration LTD specializes in natural gas processing filtration /separation and mass transfer applications. Please keep us in mind for any equipment needs where natural gas comes into contact with process fluids.

NEW - We also supply Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers. Utilized in heating, cooling, refrigeration, hydronic, steam and industrial processes, brazed plate heat exchangers offer significant advantages over traditional heat
exchanger technologies. More Details.

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