Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers for Lean / Rich Amine Service


Are your Lean / Rich Amine Plate Exchangers Fouled?



Are your Gaskets on your heat exchangers leaking?


Are you tired of taking apart and resassembling hundreds of plates and gaskets?


Is it proven technology?






Plate heat exchangers used to transfer heat or cold are one of the central components in process engineering. Plate heat exchangers, or PHEs, are essential in the production of foodstuffs, chemicals, medicines or biofuels and for air conditioning in buildings or in generating electricity. Competence in plate heat exchanger technology is part of our tradition. GEA Ecoflex is the direct successor to the
company founded by Eduard Ahlborn, renowned for his pioneering work in the invention of plate heat exchangers in 1930. With its claim of highest quality and permanent innovation our company has continuously expanded its market position over the past decades.


Industries and organizations around the world are under mounting pressure to streamline operations, lower production costs and increase efficiency. Efficient heat transfer, accomplished with GEA ViEX compact heat exchanger technology, can help achieve all that, with equipment that is smaller than older configurations, lighter in weight, and less expensive to install, operate and maintain.

GEA ViEX draws on decades of international process experience and heat exchanger expertise to ensure that our products will meet all of our clients needs. We engineer GEA ViEX compact heat exchangers to meet your process requirements instead of expecting your process to meet the needs of a standard compact heat exchanger.

Our heat exchangers are designed for a long, low-maintenance lifetime and with easy access for regular servicing. They represent a quality equipment purchase which will result in very low life-cycle costs.

GEA ViEX's ongoing research and development programs are focused on the process industries and our heat exchangers can be found installed in the following industrial facilities worldwide:

  • Chemical
  • Petro-chemical
  • Oil, gas and hydrocarbons
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food processing
  • HVAC
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vegetable oil & proteins
  • Beverages & breweries
  • Refrigeration
  • Marine
  • Mining and metal production
  • Automotive and metal finishing
  • Water pollution control plants
  • OEM and machinery
  • General industries

We provide a "total performance guarantee" and will readily supply all of the technical data required to satisfy even the most sophisticated and demanding customers.