Keeping your plant running, at it’s simplest, means making sure that you always have the filters you need WHEN YOU NEED THEM


Peace Country Filtration maintains a large local inventory IN DAWSON CREEK, BC of the most common filter types used in Gas Processing applications.  Additionally, filters unique to individual customers’ processes are also stocked locally to ensure their facility’s continued operation.


Working closely with your operators and engineers to thoroughly understand your plant’s unique operating characteristics, specifically as it relates to filter usage, we can develop a site-specific stocking/service plan to ensure your plant keeps running.


If requested, Peace Country Filtration can work with your staff to determine the optimal level of on-site filter inventory, and then ensure it is maintained at the levels necessary to keep your plant running.


This on-site inventory is back-stopped with Peace Country’s local inventory to avoid supply-chain delays.


Increased filter change-out frequency can sometimes be the first indication that something is not right with the process. 


Many suppliers will gladly line up to sell you more filters until, hopefully, the problem goes away.

Peace Country Filtration firmly believes that it’s job is to sell its customers LESS FILTERS.


Again, close working relationships with your operations and engineering staff, along with a good understanding of your process and the equipment used is the foundation for solving problems. 

Peace Country Thermal Imaging’s Infrared Imaging services can also be helpful in process troubleshooting, particularly with Glycol Dehydration towers.