Keeping Your Plant Running
is Our First Priority


We work with our Customers to help develop and manage their Process Filtration strategies. Peace Country Filtration strives to be a truly valuable partner to allow our clients to keep their plants running at optimal capacity.

Inventory Management: Less Downtime = More Gas Processed

  • Keeping your plant running, at it’s simplest, means making sure that you always have the filters you need WHEN YOU NEED THEM.
  • If requested, Peace Country Filtration can work with your staff to determine the optimal level of on-site filter inventory, and then ensure it is maintained at the levels necessary to keep your plant running.
  • This on-site inventory is back-stopped with Peace Country’s local inventory to avoid supply-chain delays.

Process Troubleshooting: Less Process Issues = More Gas Processed per Filtration Dollar

  • Increased filter change-out frequency can sometimes be the first indication that something is not right with the process.
  • Many suppliers will gladly line up to sell you more filters until, hopefully, the problem goes away.
  • Peace Country Filtration firmly believes that its job is to sell its customers LESS FILTERS.
  • PCF’s aim is to develop close working relationships with your operations/engineering/procurement staff. These relationships, along with a good understanding of Natural Gas Processing and the equipment used is the foundation for solving problems.

Filtration Data Management: Consistency = Less Process Issues/Downtime

  • PCF, in collaboration with your Operations/Engineering staff, develops site-specific Filter Lists for each facility. This list is your property, PCF is simply the caretaker.
  • This allows everyone involved to make sure the Filtration Strategy for each facility remains consistent.
  • This is a “living” document that can be changed as Operational needs require, but PCF’s continued involvement helps to ensure continuity as Operations/Engineering/Procurement staff rotate through facilities.